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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Modern Love?

Modern Love? A new study shows divorce rates are at their lowest rates since Jimmy Carter was in the Oval Office. And despite widespread public sentiment and a more “modern” approach to long term relationships, marriage rates have actually risen over the past few years. There are a number of theories that could explain this […]

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Apple sued in death case for NOT implementing FaceTime feature

Apple is getting sued over fatal car crash for NOT adding a feature to their products. Is failure to create the same as failure to protect? A lawsuit filed against Apple is putting that idea to the test. The lawsuit alleges that Apple’s failure to implement a patented feature is to blame for the death […]

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Digital Estate Planning

Ever wonder what happens to your Facebook page when you die? Smart estate planning has never been just about physical assets. The law (at least in Delaware) is starting to catch up. A well-crafted estate plan considers what kind of legacy someone wants to leave behind. For years, that has meant crafting a plan for […]

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