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Delaware Counsel Services

Litigating in Delaware?

If you are a non-Delaware attorney who has or will have a case pending in Delaware courts, look no further than Holloway Law for your local counsel needs. We have nearly 20 years experience litigating in Delaware courts, and have served as local counsel on cases ranging from neighbor disputes in Superior Court all the way up to multimillion dollar shareholder disputes in the Court of Chancery.

“The Delaware Way”

Litigating in Delaware is different. If you’ve litigated here before, then you’ve heard about the Delaware Way. The Courts in Delaware expects a particular brand of decorum in litigations: from pleadings to discovery practices to general decorum, our judiciary sets high standards for how cases should proceed. Get your case started off on the right foot by partnering with experienced Delaware counsel.

Why Choose Us?

Outside law firms choose Holloway Law attorneys for local counsel work because we’re experienced courtroom attorneys, we know the Delaware legal landscape, and–most importantly–because people like working with us. If you are currently or will be looking to litigate in Delaware, call or email us today.